The designer behind Pascal NU, Devon Stonebrook, applies her background in architecture to building bags.

“I develop and fabricate everything from scratch, starting from flat sheets of acrylic and leather hides,” says Devon. “All of my handbag and accessory structures — the hardware, handles and straps — are entirely original and crafted in house. In a market that’s so saturated and constantly borrowing from old conventions, I crave originality and quality craft, which I’ve worked tirelessly to embed into Pascal NU”

Laced entirely by hand, the intricate edges of Pascal NU bags reveal their time consuming craft through rich textural details. Devon designs each bag by combining hand assembly and laser cut fabrication, a technique which offers precision and customization that you won’t see in mass production.

Bold materials ranging from concrete to resin are transformed into bag structures through rigorous prototyping and unconventional mold making techniques. All design and assembly is handled in house, hand crafted from start to finish at the Pascal NU studio in Austin, Texas.

Pascal NU Studio + Showroom

The Pascal NU studio and showroom is open by appointment only. Please contact to schedule an appointment with Devon or inquire about custom designs.

In order to produce innovative, hand crafted objects at top quality, all production operates in house and at limited quantities. These practices ensure that the Pascal NU product you receive is a truly unique, well made object that you will be proud to carry. All order inquiries may be sent to